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Fort Dodge Animal Health

Germinder and her respective teams provided strategic counsel, public relations and Internet communications services to Fort Dodge Animal Health over a ten year period to vice presidents, several marketing directors and product managers during a transitional period of growth for the company and rapid changes in the veterinary profession.

A core service was providing an insider’s public relations viewpoint to veterinary issues, emerging trends, and providing recommendations that often included the development of relationships with influentials and influential groups.

Counsel and projects ranged from providing senior management with early Internet research to orientating new personnel to public relations as a core strategy. Issues ranged from providing public relations recommendations for changing vaccine protocols, product launches, special events, national and local veterinary association partnerships and programming, media relations training of dozens of veterinary spokespersons in group settings and one-on-one broadcast training sessions, development of multimedia productions, press conferences, product press kits, advertorials and Web sites.

Sample campaigns included “How Will We Respond When the Media Calls?” training local veterinary medical associations, “The Power of the Press, The Power of the Internet” helping local VMA’s learn how to engage in the Internet channel effectively, and partnerships with the American Heartworm Society, the North American Association of Veterinary Technicians and the American Association of Feline Practitioners.